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File Extension MASK

File Extension 040C file stores information in it. It can contain information of different types. To check what exactly is in ID 040C fil you need to view it in text editor since it is impossible to tell which application created it

File Extension CRDOWNLOAD

File Extension CRDOWNLOAD is used by Chrome browser to store downloaded file information when file is being download. Usually information in CRDOWNLOAD file is incomplete until file finishes downloading.

File Extension ID

File Extension iD could be used to store various content in files. There is no clear way to deduce what is stored in file with extension ID 0804 just by looking at its name.

File Extension Data

File Extension with identifier 0C0A is used to store infromation in a file. Since ID 0C0A does not refer to any specific application it is hard to tell what is stored there. To figure it out you need to open a file with a text editor and analyze it.

File Extension ID

File Extension ID is used to store various information. It is hard to find out what is stored in ID 0419 file without looking at it.

File Extension ID

File Extension ID could be used to store different kinds of information including DVD or CD disk data. Also it is used by Domino Server and Lotus Notes ID file.

File Extension ID

File Extension ID is used to store DVD or CD disk identification information.

File Extension JSON

File Extension JSON is used to store textual javascript data objects. Typical JSON file is a text which contains description of one or multiple structures. JSON file rules are relatively simple but still it can contain quite complex structured information.

File Extension ID

File Extension 0407 is used to store partially completed information.

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